Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”

Tw: Sex Abuse

Rating: 0 Stars

GR Book Page

I hate to source this site, ONTD, but I read this, this morning. I was never a fan, but I didn’t hate her, until I found out that she allegedly sexually abused her little sister. Yeah, fuck you. I’m so glad I never watched Girls, I was planning to but it’s a big NO! Now.

I am a survivor, so this is just me stating reasons why I am not touching this book or anything she does ever. Anyone who defends her is almost just as bad.

I won’t rate the book (as of now), but this to me, is serious. Apparently, she even talks about it in the book. Then denies it irl. Like why?

I’m so angry and upset right now, so I’m not that articulate right now.


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